Food Facts for Millennials: Basics of Baking Ingredients, Carbs, Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Sauces and Gravies | Offer | Price in India

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Food Facts for Millennials is a collection of 6 books on choosing and using products in the major food categories. Together they form a quick reference library to answer the most frequent questions. Baking Basics and Options has information on different flours, plus the grains from which they’re milled, the difference in fats for shortening as well as milk and egg options. The Meat Stop includes shopping advice and charts to show locations and optional uses of cuts, and cooking information for lamb, pork, veal, beef and ham. The Poultry Place covers buying, preparation carving and serving advice including recipes for all types of birds both tame and game. All About Seafood is just that, discussing everything from the different types of fish, their uses and cuts, through shellfish and Crustations, with advice on how to choose them, safe handling and quantities to purchase. Savvy Sauces and Gravies discusses the difference between sauces and gravies and gives instructions on how to make and use them in their various forms. It includes a description of the 5 major sauces and how to modify them to fit your need, how to improvise one and how they can be uses to enhance or rescue a dish. All in all, this book is a valuable kitchen tool.


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