Modern Romance May 2020 Books 1-4: His Secretary’s Nine-Month Notice / The Secret Kept from the King / Claiming the Virgin’s Baby / The Spaniard’s Wedding Revenge | Book | Offer | Price in India

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Four Sizzling Sexy Romances from Mills & Boon!

His Secretary’s Nine-Month Notice
Cathy Williams

As commanding tycoon Matt’s secretary, it’s Violet’s job to be prepared for anything. Though absolutely nothing could have prepared her for today. Handing in her notice was not part of dedicated Violet’s plan. And definitely not because she’s carrying her boss’s baby!

Still, nothing is quite as unexpected as Matt’s reaction. He wants his child – and Violet! It’s a negotiation he’s determined to win…but he’ll need to offer more than just passion for Violet to sign on the dotted line of a marriage contract!

The Secret Kept from the King
Clare Connelly

After a fleeting yet exhilarating affair with sheikh Sariq, hotel concierge Daisy’s life can’t be ordinary again! She resigns herself to only ever re-living the pleasure in her memory. But then she makes a shocking discovery that will cause chaos for this duty-bound king…

Unable to forget their connection, Sariq is intrigued when Daisy declines his summons to his palace. Yet finding out she’s secretly pregnant demands dramatic action! She’s far from a suitable bride…but for their baby he’ll crown her. If Daisy will accept…!

Claiming the Virgin’s Baby
Jennie Lucas

Seven-months pregnant, innocent surrogate Rosalie realises she can’t bear to give away the child she’s carrying for a childless Italian couple. She flies to Venice to beg forgiveness, only to discover brooding Alex Falconeri is a widower… and he had no idea she was expecting his baby!

Alex can’t throw away this chance to know his surprise heir. But Rosalie is torturously sweet temptation… After his cold, loveless marriage, Alex has sworn he will not marry again. But he’s starting to think he’ll do anything to make Rosalie his!

The Spaniard’s Wedding Revenge
Jackie Ashenden

There’s something familiar about the penniless yet fiery woman Cristiano Velazquez saves from the Paris streets. Yes, the red-headed wildcat makes his blood run red-hot. But it’s not until he gives her a job cleaning his mansion, that it hits him. She’s his nemesis’s long-lost daughter!

Securing Leonie’s hand in marriage would allow him to take the one thing his enemy cares about – just as he once took everything that mattered from Cristiano. His first step? Convincing his newest – most defiant – employee to meet him at the altar!

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