Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G – Price | Full Specs | Review | Pros and Cons

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- 11% Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G – Price | Full Specs | Review | Pros and Cons
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If you love playing games and are looking for a smartphone that can help you enjoy a smooth and responsive gaming experience, then say hello to the Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G smartphone. Boasting a powerful Dimensity 800U 5G processor, this smartphone can easily handle any task. You can capture…

Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G – Price | Full Specs | Review | Pros and Cons
Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G – Price | Full Specs | Review | Pros and Cons



Key Specification:

  1. 6 GB RAM and Storage 64 GB + 256 GB Expandable
  2. Android v10 (Q)
  3. 16 MP Front Camera | Main – 48 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP

Realme Narzo 30 Pro has to be one of the most affordable 5g smartphones in India. As per expert:- On this device the screen on this one it’s having a 6.5-inch screen and it’s IBS LCD screen and the quality of the screen is actually really good on this one. That matters, how is the quality it should fade with colors and all these things. So that way i would say the quality of the screen was very good, and even when I was watching a lot of videos, After watching a lot of content on this. The experience was good. Another thing that I really liked is that the screen is actually really bright on this one I’m, not keeping it on auto-brightness, because my camera, goes very bright, but the brightness is good and if you keep it on auto-brightness, and even if you go Outdoors uh it’s easily visible because it can go pretty high to about 600 net, so outdoor visibility is also not an issue, so they put a good quality screen and another good thing that I like is that uh.

This is having that 120-hertz refresh option. If you go to display and guys, I have been actually using this uh, not in the 60 hertz, and if I go over, where the screen refresh rate I’m just keep kept it to auto. So whenever it requires it goes to 120 and when it doesn’t require it goes to 60 and I’ve been using it at this, and what I like this, the optimization is very well, as you can see, uh you don’t get those jetters or something that is there On some of the smartphones that implement this, that way, it’s very scrolling, uh smoothing and you don’t – have to worry about it, and i did all my testing guys on this auto mode and then also I actually got some very good battery life. We’Ll talk about the battery life in the latter part of the section, so in terms of screen quality. Yes, it’s not an AMOLED screen, but they have put a very good quality screen that i would not complain about when you have that 120-hertz option, and this is regarding the design, guys uh. The design is good, and this has a 5 000 5000mah battery, and i, like the design of this one at the back, is not glass guys but again, it’s, not that cheap quality plastic that shows every fingerprint. This actually resists the fingerprints – and i like this in this gray – color – actually, it looks pretty elegant and we have the corners over here, rounded corners.

So when you hold the phone also, it is actually good to hold it doesn’t poke or something. So that way, i feel in terms of ergonomics. They have done a good job, also coming to the weight balance. The weight balance of the device is good. Uh, though it has that 5000mah battery and the 6.5 inch screen it’s, not super heavy. In fact, i would say in terms of weight balance for a 5 000 milliamp-hour phone. They have done a good job. It weighs just about 196 grams, so it feels actually comfortable to hold okay next thing, what i noticed is the fingerprint scanner is here on the side. We have seen this in a lot of smartphones and again here, as you can see the moment you touch it, it works very, very responsive. So in terms of the fingerprint scanner, i would say no issues as you can see, i can just touch and it unlocks and it’s super reliable. You always also have this. What do you say face unlock if you want? I didn’t enable it because the fingerprint scanner was so good. Anyways uh next is regarding the processor that is used on this one. This is the same processor that was used on the real me x7 it’s, the new MediaTek diamond city, 800, q and guys. This is actually a brand new processor and it’s, very power efficient, processor it’s, based on the seven-nanometer process, and this is actually a 5g chip and i have to say, the performance of the phone is very, very smooth with this processor.

As you can see i’m using this for the last uh two, almost like 11 days with both myself that’s 8 00 ngo – and i never had an issue – i did not face any lagginess or anything while using the phone. Even with that 120 hertz, i didn’t get any jitters or anything so in terms of day-to-day performance uh it handles it without any issues. And the good thing is that it’s a 5g chip – and i did check guys the 5g bands. Many of you ask, and here is a screenshot, as you can see, notice the last one. It has five 5g bands that are supported, and this is actually pretty good. This uh, because many of the smartphones, you know they claim 5g just having one or two 5gb, and this has five 5g bands and yes, 5g right now. We don’t have it in india, but we know that it’s going to come out soon, uh in in incidentally, just about last month. It did some trials with fiji and hyderabad and g also committed them by end of 2021. They’Ll have 5g in certain regions, and fighting should come out by next year. So again you are getting that 5g uh functionality with this, making it sort of future proof. I would say – and i like the fact that this smartphone actually has 5g on both the sims it’s, not like only one sim is 5g enabled, so that way i like it so again.

I feel that way. It’S, a future proof – and i like the chipset, the chipset – is very, very good, very efficient. In fact, i would say in terms of battery life. This actually surprised me. It has that 5000mah battery, and here are some of the screenshots, as you can see just notice closely the standby time, it’s almost two over two days, uh, almost every time when i use i didn’t, have to charge this device uh every day and every time i Was getting a screen of time almost excess of eight hours, as you can see in one of the screenshots here i got over nine hours of screen on time, and this is the regular usage guys with a dual sim that i was using so it’s, not with a Single ship, so that way i would say uh the battery optimization and the chipset is actually really really good on this one i’m actually impressed with this diamond city 800u chipset. Another thing is that some of you have asked me: does this phone heat up while you’re using the phone watching youtube videos doing your regular stuff? No, that is also very good. The phone hardly heats up when you’re using it. In fact, i did some gaming also guys. I played call of duty on this one uh and i’m, not a big gamer guy. The call of duty actually works fine, but for some reason, the graphics setting max is set to medium.

I think so. That’S the problem with the optimization of call of duty, because this is a very new chipset but again for gaming – i would suggest to watch dhananjay’s video. I was seeing this video he actually played pubg. He told let me just get out of this call of duty. Actually i’ll leave the link of dharanjee’s video, he actually played pubg and he said that he was able to play attack. What do you say, high settings and also the gyroscope and all this so the gaming performance is also pretty good but yeah for call of duty. I think so the developers need to actually enable high graphic settings because this phone is capable uh, anyways uh moving to, and the next thing is that the general performance is also very good on this smartphone. As i’ve told you, i did not exhibit any. What do you say lag or anything on this smartphone, and even the ram management is actually good. It does not have that tendency to boot out all the apps actually quickly. You might be saying the battery life is very good, so the ram management might not be good, but that was not the case. Many of the apps actually stay in memory. In fact, truecaller also works on this one. So that way, i would say it’s a good phone, as you can see, yeah your youtuber had opened in the morning and it loaded perfectly fine, so ram management was also good on this smartphone, the general performance.

I have no issues in fact, coming to the call quality called earpiece is also very good, as i’ve told you guys. I tested this with adele and my jio sim, and here i used it in Hyderabad and i did not have a network issue. In fact, uh wi-fi calling is also enabled on this smartphone. It works both for 80 as well as jio. For me, regarding the camera, as you can see back, if you see it has the triple camera setup and the main sensor is a 48 megapixel, then we have that eight megapixels that’s ultra wide, and then we have a two megapixel um and, as you can see, These are some of the sample shots that i have taken with this device and yes outdoor. It does actually a pretty good job, as you can see with the sample shots. But what was the biggest surprise to me is that even in indoor, artificial lighting conditions, this one performed way better than what expectations that i had, because what happens is specifically in indoor lighting conditions. These cameras tend to show their weaknesses here. I feel it performed much better than what i was expecting as you can see with the sample shots, and i think so that is possible because of the optimization. We know that we are seeing this 48 megapixel camera sensor for a long time looks like realme. Uh has uh already used the sensor for a couple of years, so uh they have really worked on it, so they are able to you can what do you say bring out the best from that camera sensor, so the camera performance was actually pretty good.

I would say, even in what you say, indoor lighting, and not that great lighting situation, which was a surprise and even the front facing 16 megapixel camera, as you can see, actually performed very well just disable your beauty modes and stuff. Then you get actually pretty good results. In fact, i was pretty happy with the camera performance of this one uh. In fact, some of you asked this phone does support even gcam in fact watch this video from technology jog that is sundar. He actually put out a dedicated video using gcam on this smartphone, so yes it’s possible to use gcam, and they that way you can get actually even better results with the camera, but again uh. I uh the all these samples that you saw with this was with the stock camera app and even with that one, the performance was good uh. So again, that is good thing. Now, let’s move to the uh. Some of the cons that i have noticed with this device and the the first con is that this is a new phone and if you go to about the phone uh here, as you can see, it’s still running on android 10, and it is with the real Me ui version one uh, so i feel this should have come out with the real me uh version, ui 2, because that comes with the android 11 and i did check with the real me officials and this the reply.

What i got is that definitely this smartphone is getting the real me ui too uh that will be on android 11. uh. But when i asked when they just didn’t give me a date, they just said it’s going to come out soon. So i don’t know when it’ll come out this month or next month, but yeah it. The android 11 update that is with real me. Ui 2 is going to be coming down this phone, i just don’t, know the exact time frame. Anyways moving to the next thing is regarding the bloatware and stuff, and if you’ve seen my unboxing video of this smartphone, you could uninstall a lot of bloatware on this one. In fact, a lot of realme apps also you can actually remove on this uh. As you can see, you can remove this real me, some of the real me apps also you can remove, but there is one app that i do not like on this smartphone. That is pre installed, and this is this browser app and if you go to the screenshots, i did actually save some screenshots. Let me actually show you that this browser app actually uh sends unnecessary uh. What do you say, uh notifications, and that is actually irritating. As you can see, this browser app and hey fun. I could uninstall this keeps sending you a notification every day i get about two three notification and you cannot uninstall this app. If i go over here, then uninstall option is not there, but you can actually disable this just go to this app info, and here, as you can see, the disable option is not there, but you can actually avoid those unnecessary notification.

Just go to uh, manage notification and just gone so. Yes, i don’t like that. You cannot uninstall it, but that way you can remove that unnecessary notifications that you get apart from that irritating browser app. That was sending me notification. I did not find any other nag there as of now on this smartphone during the 11 days of my usage anyway. So moving to the next thing is regarding wi fi on this one, and i don’t know guys if it’s just my unit uh the wi fi uh. It has both the 2.4 gigahertz, as well as the five gigahertz band, but for some reason i noticed that the wi fi on the five gigahertz band. For me, the range was simply not that good. Just about after that about 15 feet, it was just losing the connection for the five gigahertz span uh, but for the 2.4 gigahertz mine, the range was actually really good and in fact much better than generally what i get so i don’t know if it’s just my Unit, but five gigahertz band range was not that great for me and now moving to another thing that is uh regarding this is nitpicking guys. As i’ve told you, we have that wi fi calling on this one. If i go on wi fi, wi fi connecting will get enabled by default on this one and that’s good. But again i wish they had a quick toggle option to disable wi fi calling right now.

What, if you want to disable it, and you want to use wi fi – you have to go inside the deep inside the settings to disable it, so they should actually just give a toggle over here. Hopefully they do that with the. What do you say: ota update and there’s a small nitpicking that i noticed about anyways thought of talking to you um, but now let’s also talk about carrier aggregation and some of you have asked me about it and, as i’ve told you guys, i’m using it uh Here, with both my atl and jio, sim and personally for me, aytel, i don’t know what’s wrong with atl these days here in hyderabad i’m, not getting that 4g plus with even high end, samsung phones or whatever. So i that 4g pluses, but with jio i actually get that with some of the smartphones higher end smartphones here i’m, not getting that 4g plus signal on the jio sim uh. So as of now for me here in hyderabad, the carrier regulation is not working, but i some of you asked me on twitter and i replied it’s, not working, and they actually forward me this page from real me support and some of you uh. You guys asked and real me guys replied that this device supports career aggregation uh, so i don’t know as of now in hyderabad at least it’s, not working, it might work in your region, but for me personally, it did not work anyways.

Moving to the next thing is regarding what you say: the sim slots it’s due some hybrid guys. I wish they gave a dedicated micro sd card. I feel every smartphone under 20 000 should do that, but we have a hybrid slot on this one and regarding the variance also guys, we have two variants of the smartphone that are actually sold uh the base variant uh comes with six gigabytes of ram and 64gb Of storage, and then we have the higher end variant that comes with eight gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. I feel they should have also introduced one more variant in the middle that comes with six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. So that is something i feel should have been there so now. Let’S also talk about the pricing of the smartphone uh. The base variant is priced at 17, 000 and the higher end variant that comes with eight gigabytes of ram is for 20 000.. I feel the pricing could have been a little bit more aggressive. I would have loved if it would have started at about 16 000, but i was actually checking the flipkart uh page and i don’t know how long that offer will be there, but initially uh. At least for now, it’s showing that you can get a thousand rupees discount on these smartphones, if you’re buying it from flipkart uh and if you use icici uhd cards so effectively, it works out about 16 or 19 000.

. Yes, there is that slight premium that you are paying for this one, but guys remember. This is a 5g ready smartphone? Yes, we don’t have 5g right now, but again, if you are sort of a person who likes to keep his smartphone for two or three years, then i feel uh. Having 5g is a good investment and also don’t. Forget that guys, the diamond city 800? U chipset is actually a very good and a very power efficient chipset.

Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G – Price | Full Specs | Review | Pros and Cons Prices

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Additional information

Specification: Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G – Price | Full Specs | Review | Pros and Cons

In The Box

Handset, Adapter (5V/6A), USB Cable (Type-C), SIM Card Tool, Screen Protect Film, Case, Important Info Booklet with Warranty Card, Quick Guide

Processor Core

Model Name

Narzo 30 Pro 5G


Browse Type

SIM Type

Hybrid Sim Slot


OTG Compatible

Sound Enhancements

Hi-Res Audio Certification, Dolby Atmos Sound, MT6359 Audio Decoding Chip

Primary Clock Speed (GHz)


Resolution Type


Display Type

Full HD+ LCD In-cell Display

Display Colors (M)

Other Display Features

120 Hz Refresh Rate, 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3, 20:09 Display Ratio, 90.50% Screen-to-Body Ratio, 180 Hz Touch Sampling Rate, Screen Contrast: AVE 1500:1, 480nit (Typ) Max Brightness, Color Saturation: NTSC 81.5% (Typ), COG Sealing Process

Operating System

Processor Type

MediaTek Dimensity 800U

Digital Zoom (X)

Model Number


Primary Camera

Operating Frequency

2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA: B1/B2/B4/B5/B6/B8/B19, 4G LTE TD: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41 (2515 – 2675MHz), 4G LTE FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8, 5G NSA: N41(2515 – 2675MHz)/N77/N78/N79, 5G SA: N1/N41(2515-2675MHz)/N78/N79

Internal Storage (GB)


Expandable Storage (GB)

Supported Memory Card Type

Memory Card Slot Type

Primary Camera Available

Secondary Clock Speed (GHz)

Optical Zoom


Primary Camera Features

Triple Rear Camera Setup, 48MP Primary (Samsung S5KGM1st, f/1.8 Aperture, FOV 79.8 Degree, 25.37mm Focal Length, 6P Lens, 1/1.2 inch Sensor, Pixel Size: 0.80um, 4 in 1 output 1.4μm, PDAF) + 8MP Wide-angle (Hynix Hi846, f/2.3 Aperture, FOV 119 Degree, 15.72mm Focal Length, 5P Lens, 1/4 inch Sensor, Pixel Size: 1.12um, FF) + 2MP Macro (GC02K0, f/2.4 Aperture, FOV 88.8 Degree, 23.21mm Focal Length, 3P Lens, 1/5 inch Sensor, Pixel Size: 1.65um, FF), CMOS Sensor, Video Stabilization: EIS, UIS, and UIS Max, 20 Continuous Shooting, Photograph Function: 48MP Mode, Ultra Steady Video, Ultra Steady Max Video, Night Mode, Panoramic View, Expert, Timelapse, HDR, Ultra-wide, Ultra Macro, AI Scene Recognition, AI Beauty, Filter, Slow Motion, Bokeh Effect Control

Secondary Camera Available

Secondary Camera

Secondary Camera Features

16MP Front Camera (Samsung S5K3P9SP, f/2.1 Aperture, FOV 79.3 Degree, 1/3.1 inch CMOS Sensor, Pixel Size: 1.0μm, 5P Lens), FF, EIS, Photography Functions: Ultra Steady Video, Portrait Mode, Timelapse, Panoramic View, Beauty Mode, HDR, Face-Recognition, Filter, Night Mode, Bokeh Effect Control


HD Recording

Video Recording

Video Recording Resolution

Rear Camera: 720p (at 30/60fps), 1080p (at 30/60fps), 4k (at 30fps), Slo-mo Video: 720P (at 240fps), 1080P (at 120fps), Front Camera: 720p (at 30fps), 1080p (at 30fps)

Display Size

Frame Rate



GPS Support

Network Type

5G, 4G VOLTE, 4G, 3G, 2G

Supported Networks

, , , ,

Internet Connectivity

5G, 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, EDGE, GPRS



Pre-installed Browser

Bluetooth Support

Bluetooth Version


Wi-Fi Version

IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz, 5GHz)

Wi-Fi Hotspot





USB Connectivity


Audio Jack (mm)

Map Support

Dual Camera Lens

Call Records

Other Features

Dual Channel RAM and ROM, UFS2.1 Storage Type, OTG Storage Format: FAT32, EXFAT, NTFS, 30W Dart Max Charging Power, Reverse Charging Power – 5V/0.5A, Phone Lock Functions: Face Unlock, Fingerprint Unlock, Password Unlock, Pattern Unlock, Google Smart Lock, Side Fingerprint, Fingerprint Unlock Speed (300ms), Face Unlock Speed (434ms), Number Identification, File Encryption, Private Space, Private Apps, Private Protection, Dual-mic Nosie Cancellation, Clone Apps, Kids Space, Night Shiled, DC Dimming, Step Tracker, Game Space, APP Market, Theme Store, Clone Phone, Phone Manager

SIM Size

User Interface

Realme UI v1.0 (Based on Android 10)


Graphics PPI (PPI)


Magnetic Induction Sensor, Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Gyro-meter, Acceleration Sensor


Ringtones Format

Touchscreen Type

Audio Formats


GPS Type

, , ,

Video Formats


Battery Capacity (mAh)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)


Depth (mm)


Weight (g)


Warranty Summary

1 Year Warranty for Mobile and 6 Months for Accessories

Domestic Warranty (Year)