Top 10 Air Coolers Under ₹10,000 in India – Stay Cool on a Budget

In the scorching heat of Indian summers, air coolers become indispensable companions. These humble appliances offer respite from the relentless sun, providing a refreshing breeze that soothes both body and mind. Whether you’re battling the heat waves of Delhi or the humidity of Chennai, air coolers are a practical and cost-effective solution. In this article, we delve into the world of air coolers, focusing specifically on budget-friendly options priced under ₹10,000.

Certainly! Here are some of the best air coolers under ₹10,000 available in India:

    Colour White
    Capacity 88 L
    Type Desert
    Cooling Area 450 Sq.Ft.
    Speed Settings 3
    Power Requirement 190 W