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Bluzon Spin Mop Plastic, Bucket Floor Cleaning, Easy Wheels & Big Bucket, Floor Cleaning Mop with Bucket, Spin Mop Bucket | Offer | Price in India

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Our clever, portable design makes it easier to mop up your floors faster and more efficiently. This firmly constructed yet lightweight mop comes complete with its very own bucket, easy-roll wheels, and a sturdy pull handle – allowing you to move the whole system around the house quickly and with ease.
The Spin Bucket Mop is a revolutionary new way to clean any floor quickly, effectively and with minimal effort. It blends microfiber power performance with the specialized head design of a magic mop to make sure all floors look like new. The unique deep cleaning properties of the microfiber material allow it to lift and trap fine dust and dirt particles, leaving even heavily trafficked areas sparkling clean.
The Spin Bucket Mop is the perfect tool for keeping your home spotless. With a stainless steel handle that rotates 180 degrees, you can clean efficiently and effectively with ease! This device is lightweight and adjustable so you can reach even the smallest of corners without straining or overstretching. It also features a microfiber mop head that is machine-washable and reusable. To maximize cleaning results, we suggest replacing the mop head every three months.
The Spin Bucket Mop is the perfect solution for making sure your floor stays clean and dry. Forget manual wringing of mops or dripping floors when cleaning with the Spin Bucket Mop. This revolutionary device comes with a hands-free wringer that quickly removes excess water from your mop without any help or mess. With just a few simple steps, you can clean and press the mop all in one go, ensuring that your floor stays drier than ever before.
BluZon is engaged in offering a wide range of kitchenware products with a vision of delivering superior quality and long-lasting durability in kitchenware. Over the years, we have overcome a long distance and become a reliable brand that people can put their faith in. We are loaded with the most advanced resources and expertise to deliver the best products.

Discount and Offer: ₹2,500 – ₹1,260.00